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    Zhejiang Taizhou Lianchuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.Zhejiang Taizhou Lianchuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.  It is located in the Linhai Chuannan Industrial Park of Zhejiang chemical raw material pharmaceutical base, covering an area of 19877. 14m2, with a total investment of 100 million yuan. The approved projects of the company are: annual disposal of 6000 tons of waste mineral oil; Annual recovery of 24750 tons of waste solvent; 9000 tons of diluent (banana water) per year.

    The company's procurement of raw materials is based on the park, radiating the whole Zhejiang Province. The company has signed long-term disposal cooperation agreements with many listed enterprises and medical and chemical enterprises in the park, and has established good disposal cooperation relations with industrial waste enterprises in Taizhou and surrounding areas.

    Sufficient raw material supply and advanced production equipment and technology enable our products to achieve higher purity and better quality compared with other enterprises, and can produce products that meet the special requirements of customers. Moreover, the price is lower than that of peers, and the market supply exceeds demand.

    The company's production project, as a supporting project for the recycling transformation of the whole park, has been included in the national recycling economic transformation demonstration project. After the implementation of the project, the comprehensive utilization level of industrial resources in the park has been improved and the industrial chain of circular economy has been improved; It has improved the clean production level of the pharmaceutical industry and greatly promoted the recycling transformation process of the park; It also enables the waste organic solvents produced by industrial enterprises in Taizhou and surrounding areas to be effectively treated, alleviates the environmental pressure of relevant enterprises, reduces the production costs of enterprises, promotes the development of local industries, makes due contributions to the realization of "harmless, reduction and recycling" of hazardous wastes in the region, and effectively ensures the coordinated development of local economic construction and environmental protection.

    Lianchuang always adheres to the business tenet of "quality first, reputation first, customer first and honesty oriented", and strives to make greater contributions to Taizhou's environmental protection cause with high-quality products, preferential prices and professional services.